The Employer Push Hard to Renew the Salary System


The Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers (AFIEE), (which represent the Universities) and the JUKO, Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL) and Federation of Salaried Employees (Pardia) which represent the employees, continued their collective bargaining January 22.

In the meeting on Monday the Employees gave their answer to the Employer’s latest proposal regarding the salary system. The Employer is still looking to shift the decisions about salary raises to more local level. The Employees propose that the renewal of the salary system must be done carefully and with adequate time. Whether or not the preparations for the renewal of the salary system are able to continue at this point, is most likely decided in the next meeting.

So far, there has been very little time to go over the propositions brought to the table by the Employees. There should be at least some mutual understanding about the changes to the collective agreement’s texts, before bargaining about the salary raises may begin.

The Collective Agreement for the Universities is valid until the end of January. Unless a new collective agreement has been reached before that, the universities will enter a period in which there is no collective agreement in force.

The collective bargaining continues January 25.

For further information, please contact: - Negotiation Manager Markku Kojo, JUKO, tel. +358 400 419784.