The terms of your employment are being negotiated now


Collective bargaining  for a new collective agreement for the universities is in progress. Members of The Finnish Union of University Professors are represented in the negotiations by the Negotiation Organization for Public Sector Professionals JUKO. 

The collective bargaining is significant as many daily work matters are discussed and decided upon, such as salary increases, salary arrangements and the use of working time. JUKO also wants improvements in the status of employees working under fixed-term contracts.

The progress made in the collective bargaining has been limited. Our negotiators are doing their best to ensure that the salary and employment terms of university employees remain at least on the same average level as in other fields. Support from every university employee is required in order to succeed in these negotiations. The current collective agreement is valid only until the end of January.


General salary increase policy also possible in universities


  • It is of key importance to JUKO that university employees are also eligible for corresponding salary increases already agreed upon in the export business. There was no deficit in the financial statement of any university in 2016.
  • The universities pointed out in the cooperation negotiations that their operative structures were the primary subject of re-organization. This change has resulted in significant savings. For instance, in 2016, the operations of the University of Helsinki were over EUR 4,000,000 in surplus in spite of decreased public funding for universities.

The employer wants to decide upon salaries

  • The employer wants to renew the salary system for universities and decentralize the remuneration to make it more local. In this model, the employer decides more autonomously on who will receive a salary increase.
  • Successful change also requires sufficient financial investment and a fair model. So far, it is not clear how university employees would benefit from the change.


More time for research


  • JUKO’s objective is to make the work time schedule clearer so that teaching and research staff are guaranteed fixed periods of time when they can solely focus on research.
  • JUKO aims to retain the cap on teaching hours.


Resolving fixed-term employment matters

  • A central objective for JUKO is to have an impact on the relatively significant proportion of fixed-term employment relationships in universities. According to statistics by the Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers (AFIEE), approximately 70 percent of the teaching and research staff have fixed-term employment relationship. This share is far too large. This issue has continued to exist for a long time, and solving it requires immediate and serious participation from both parties.


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