Instructions for applying the strike compensation


The strike compensation by the Finnish Union of the University Professors is 200 € per diem. The taxable amount the reimbursement is 184 € per diem. The Finnish Union of the University Professors will withhold the income tax and will do the reporting to the Tax Administration. The strike compensation may be only as large as the gross amount deducted from the pay by the employer.

  1. Please fill the whole application clearly and accurately.
  2. Please attach to the application a copy of your pay slip, where the salary deprivation regarding the strike period can be confirmed. Due to the data security reasons please cover the last four digits of your personal ID, if you are sending the copy of your pay slip by e-mail. The union will retrieve the complete personal ID from its membership register.
  3. The application with its attachment can be sent by e-mail: You can also mail your application to the address: Professoriliitto ry, Tunnus: 5005646, 00003 VASTAUSLÄHETYS

The applications are asked to be sent in two months after attending the strike. The objective of the union is to make the compensations in six weeks after receiving the applications.

The Finnish Union of the University Professors will deduct the income tax from the strike compensation according to the instructions given by the Tax Administration. The net payment of the total 200 € daily compensation is 108 € after tax. The union will inform the tax amount (92 €) to the Tax Administration.


Law on Income Tax 88 §

Strike compensation: A daily strike compensation up to 16 euros disbursed by a labor union or equivalent organization is not subject to tax.

The resolution of the Tax Administration regarding withholding and stature of income tax: Chapter 5, 10-11 §

Date of issue: December 12, 2017

Valid from: January 1, 2018 – until further notice

10 § 4th Act: If the payment supplier has not received the needed information to execute the withholding of the income tax, and also the taxable person has not delivered a tax card to the payment supplier, the withhold of the income tax will be conducted according to the following table:

The strike compensation subject to tax €/day

Withholding tax %

0,17 – 26


26,01 – 39


39,01 – 51


51,01 – 66


66,01 – 100


100,01 – 156


156,01 -


11 §: The withholding tax concerning strike compensation or other equivalent reimbursement paid by the concerned labor union is remitted according to the table given in the 10 § 4th Act.