Negotiations on pay rises for 34,000 university staff continued on Friday 17 Feb


Negotiations on university staff salaries continued on Friday. The next time salary earners’ organizations and Sivista of employers will meet on February 27.

JUKO, the Negotiation Organization for Public Sector Professionals, has stated that the goal of the employee side is pay rises which boost purchasing power, i.e. a general percentage increase.

JUKO, the Negotiation Organization for Public Sector Professionals; the Pro Trade Union and JHL, the Trade Union for Public and Welfare Sectors, have terminated the two-year collective agreement for universities today on 17 February.

In practice the termination means that if salary negotiations don’t proceed to an agreement, all the universities’ staff would be without a collective agreement as of 1 April. Without a valid collective agreement, the provisions of the old collective agreement are observed, but industrial action is also possible.

The members of Akava trade unions on behalf of whom JUKO negotiates work in roles such as research, teaching, administration and management.