Negotiations for university employee’s salaries continued Wednesday 22 March


The negotiations for the pay rises of 34,000 university employees continued on 22 March.

JUKO aims for increases that secure future purchasing power for all university employees.The trade unions and the employer representative, Finnish Education Employers (FEE), will meet again on 24 March.

JUKO, the Negotiation Organization for Public Sector Professionals; the Pro Trade Union; JHL, the Trade Union for Public and Welfare Sectors have terminated the collective agreement for universities on February 17, entering into force at the end of March.

If an agreement is not reached before that, university employees will consequently be without a valid collective agreement as of 1 April. Without a valid collective agreement, the provisions of the old collective agreement are observed until a new agreement is ready. Various forms of industrial action are also possible during the time of an invalid agreement.