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Membership benefits

Supervision of interests

  • Supervision of interests related to salaries and the terms and conditions of employment

  • Shop stewards and local chapters in the workplace

  • Supervision of interests related to science and education policies

Employment security

Insurance coverage

  • Unemployment insurance

  • Professional liability and legal expenses insurance

  • Non-occupational accident insurance provided by the Union in Fennia
    In Finland FenniaHoitaja (FenniaNurse) gives guidance in case of illness or an accident and takes care of reservations to see a doctor for you. FenniaHoitaja (FenniaNurse) is available every day 7–23 at +358 10 503 5000.
  • Non-occupational travel insurance provided by the Union in Fennia 
    In serious cases of illness or accidents abroad, please contact Fennia’s travel emergency service at tel. 358 10 503 5503 (24/7).
    Insurance certificate: asiakaspalvelu.yritys@fennia.fi, tel. 010 503 8818.
  • Voluntary group insurance
    For more information about the insurance policies available, please contact:
    Pohjola Insurance, tel. 0303 0303. 

Information and training

Other benefits

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