Ethical guidelines

The value foundation of the work of professors

The fundamental values of the scientific community focus on the nurture of our scientific heritage and the generation of fresh knowledge, the autonomy of scientific research, the veracity and publicity of research findings as well as the continuous critical evaluation of our knowledge.

One of the key values emphasised in the work of a professor is the autonomy of science. Other substantial goals are the creation of fresh knowledge and the promotion of human understanding based on unimpeded research in the professor's own discipline, the wider scientific and artistic community as well as society as a whole. Professors play a crucial role in maintaining our civilisation. The actions of professors promote the realisation of these fundamental values.

Ethical guidelines

1 Integrity, fairness and responsibility

Professors are incorruptible, honest and fair. They take responsibility for their own actions.

2 Truthfulness, critical thinking and openness

A central task of professors is the generation of scientific knowledge; in this work, professors must comply with the principles of truthfulness, critical thinking and openness. The scientific activities of professors must observe the established practices of good research ethics.

3 The publicity of research findings

Professors disseminate knowledge, which has been produced in compliance with the principles of research ethics, in their teaching work. Professors must ensure that knowledge, which is based on scientific research, spreads freely in society.

4 Equality and the provision of encouragement in student training

Professors do not discriminate: they treat their students equally and provide encouragement. Their students receive the best possible teaching and guidance.

5 Respectful collegiality

Professors treat members of their work community with respect.

6 Encouragement and appropriate management practices

When directing other members of the work community, professors are motivating and fair. Their management activities aim to promote workplace wellbeing and help the community cope with the challenges of professional life.

7 Societal interaction

Professors facilitate the scientific community's interaction with broader society.

8 Maintenance of professional competence and personal development

Professors maintain and develop their competence in scientific research or artistic pursuits, teaching, management duties and societal interaction.

Approved by the Union Council on 21 April 2012.