Compensation recommendations

Finnish Union of University Professors compensation recommendations for extra-official expert duties

These compensation recommendations are meant to guide the invoicing of Union members who perform extra-official expert duties. It is advisable to keep an account of performed working hours to facilitate accurate invoicing. Your invoice may mention that the rates used are based on the FUUP compensation recommendation. A separate compensation recommendation has been drafted for lectures and presentations.

Compensation category I: €500/hour
Demanding planning and research tasks, which require expertise in a specialist field of science or comprehensive authority in a scientific discipline. Duties, which are associated with substantial financial liabilities on the part of client, are always included in this category as well.

Compensation category II: €350/hour
Other types of duties, such as expert tasks of a more general and technical nature as well as participation in meetings and seminars in an expert capacity (lecture and presentation fees invoiced separately).

Lecture and presentation compensation
Hourly fee €1,500.
Hourly fee for a repeat performance €800.

The travel and other expenses caused by the performance of the requested task including per diem allowances will be invoiced according to actual incurred cost.

The expert is entitled to freely choose the most appropriate mode of travel for the task in question.