Mobile Membership Card

The membership card of the Finnish Union of University Professors can be found at the Member+ application. The application combines the Union’s membership card and the membership benefits of the common Akava membership benefit service, Member+.

You may download the mobile membership card to your phone at Follow the instructions given at the website. The Finnish text on page when you open the above link translated:

  1. Press the menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser (or add Member+ to the home screen at the bottom of the page)
  2. In the menu list, click “add to home screen”
  3. Close your browser and open the app from the Member+ icon that appears on your phone’s home screen
  4. Click on the mobile membership card, select ‘Professoriliitto’ and log in.

For help, please see the FAQ section. The service is currently available only in Finnish. You will need your membership number and your password for the installment. If needed, you may ask for these from professoriliitto @