Professor’s duties

Prerequisites for good work for professors.

Professors work for universities and other research organisations. The Universities Act specifies the duties of professors at universities: A professor shall carry out and oversee scientific or artistic work, provide research-based tuition, follow developments in science or art, and participate in societal interaction and international cooperation in the relevant field. Professors also carry out administrative and managerial duties for universities and other research organisations. In order to ensure that a professor can perform optimally, the university/research institute in question must provide the professor with the necessary prerequisites for good work.

Possibility to focus on one’s core tasks

  • Freedom of research and teaching without any ideological, political or financial constraints
  • Possibility for regular research periods free from teaching and administrative work
  • Manageable work load
  • Possibility for sufficient time off

Resources for sustainable work

  • Resources for the planning and fundraising for research projects
  • High quality work tools as well as sufficient resources for travel and equipment demands
  • Support services for administration and research
  • Possibility to have a personal office

Equitable employment relationships

  • Fair employee policies
  • Permanent employment/service relationship
  • A professor cannot be dismissed for financial and production-related reasons
  • Salary based on the demand level of the work
  • Copyrights belong to the author

Good work community

  • Inclusion in the making of important decisions
  • Timely information and communications
  • Smooth workplace procedures
  • Room for creativity, courage and insecurity
  • Equal, unbiased and fair treatment

Approved by the Board of the Finnish Union of University Professors on 11 December 2018