Become a member

Membership in the Finnish Union of University Professors is open to university professors (including tenure track assistant/associate professors) as well as researchers and teachers who hold a comparable position. Research professors employed at state scientific institutes are likewise eligible to join.

How to join

Fill out the membership application form thoroughly and send it.

In the membership application form, you will be granting the Union permission to send a proxy on your behalf to your employer for the payment of your membership fee. The proxy authorises your employer to deduct the Union membership fee directly from your salary.

The membership application form also asks about membership in the unemployment fund. The unemployment fund for the Finnish Union of University Professors is the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science (formerly Teachers’ Unemployment Fund). The membership fee for the Unemployment Fund is included in the Union membership fee. Please indicate in the membership application form if you are already a member of the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science. Please answer “yes” to the fund membership, even if you are already its member and want to continue as its member.

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