Membership fees

Membership fees for 2024

Full member fee 0.9 % of wages subject to withholding tax; minimum of €120/year

Reduced membership fees based on the member’s notification of the following relevant situations:

  • Pensioners €120 / year, from the beginning of the second month of retirement (i.e. 1 mth free).
  • Part-time pensioners In correspondence with the wages
  • Those with a dual membership in AKAVA 0.6 %
  • Expatriated members (if you receive no wages from Finland) €200 / year
  • Maternity leave (non-salaried parental and child care leave) €150 / year
  • Other non-salaried leave €150 / year
  • Those who have transferred entirely out of the sphere of the Union’s collective supervision of interests (= no longer employed by a university or state research institute but, instead, working for a private employer or as an entrepreneur). €200 / year
  • Those receiving an unemployment allowance or on alternating leave €60 / year

For the purpose of collecting membership fees based on percentage rates (0.9 % and 0.6 %), only the wages and fees based on and deriving from the collective bargaining contract are taken into consideration.

For special grounds, such as long-term illness, the Board can elect to approve an application for a partial or total waiver of the aforementioned membership fees.

Dual membership

The supervision of interests of those with dual memberships is generally defined in the dual membership agreements, whereby the Finnish Union of University Professors takes care of the supervision of interests that relate to the members’ employment as professors and the other association maintains the supervision of interests that relate to any other positions and tasks.

The Finnish Union of University Professors has dual membership agreements with the following affiliates of AKAVA:

Association of Finnish Lawyers
Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists
Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers TEK (includes the Engineering Society of Finland STS, the Finnish Association of Architects SAFA, the Finnish Association for Mathematicians, Physicists and Computer Scientists SMFL)
Finnish Association of Physiotherapists
Finnish Association of Speech Therapists
Finnish Dental Association
Finnish Medical Association
Finnish Pharmacists’ Association
Finnish Psychological Association
Finnish Veterinary Association
Social Science Professionals YKA
Suomen Ekonomit (The Finnish Business School Graduates)
Suomen kirkon pappisliitto – The Church Professionals within Akava AKI
Talentia Union of Professional Social Workers
The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu

If a member of the Finnish Union of University Professors also belongs to one of the affiliates listed above, he/she will receive a discount off the membership fees for both associations. In order to receive this discount, the member shall provide both associations with information about his/her dual membership. The payroll office will reduce the membership fee upon receipt of the aforementioned notifications from the associations.