Professor emblem for tombstone

The Finnish Union of University Professors has obtained for its members a professor emblem to be used in a tombstone. The professor emblem was designed by the heraldist Harri Rantanen. The union holds its copyright.

The size of the emblem is 60×60 mm and its total strength is approximately 6 mm. The base of the emblem is in colour dark patina. The raised surface has been clear brushed.

Attaching an emblem to a normal family tombstone is not generally licensed, but the parish may require an advance notification regarding an alteration to a tombstone.

Emblems are usually not allowed on the cemetery’s joint monuments.

The price of the emblem is 40 euro.

There is also a line drawing of the professor emblem available to be used in obituary. The newspaper may however take a surcharge of its use.

A member of the union may order the emblem from the union office: professoriliitto (at), tel. 09 4250 700.

Hautakiven professoritunnus.