Statement by the Finnish Union of University Professors to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment on the Government Programme entries concerning the export-led labour market model and the development of the conciliation system

According to the Finnish Union of University Professors, working life must be developed in a balanced manner, considering the views of both employees and employers. The parties must be able to agree on salary adjustments in collective agreements without the sectors enshrined in the legislation actually defining the upper limit for pay increases. Negotiations on a possible new labour market model are the responsibility of negotiation organisations/unions. Introducing the export model into legislation would lead to a strong politicisation of the negotiation process.

A possible new labour market model must consider the needs of the public sector, publicly funded sector, and private sector. The model must also support the qualitative development of collective agreements and consider fair wage and earnings development which corresponds to education, job demands and competence levels in the private, public, and publicly funded sectors.

In addition to developing the labour market model, we need to reform the conciliation system. The National Conciliator’s resources must be increased, and the mandate reviewed as part of the whole. In order to form a common picture of the economic situation, an impartial finance department should be established in connection with the Conciliator’s Office, whose task is to produce financial, wage and earnings development calculations to prepare a common picture of the economy both as a whole and in different sectors and industries.