Statement to the Education and Science Subcommittee on the Government budget for 2024

The Finnish Union of University Professors supports the permanent allocation of additional funding in 2024 to the Academy of Finland’s research project mandate, currently being managed through its Flagship Programme. The Union is satisfied with the coverage of national counterpart funding for EU projects, since it increases the possibilities to apply for EU funding without placing any burden on university finances.

The Government proposed allocating an additional EUR 40 million to the doctoral education pilot for 2024. The Union requires that universities hire new professors and ensure that funding through the doctoral education pilot is also allocated to supervision, for example, as a designated percentage increase based on the monthly salary.

The budget proposal for 2024 conflicts with the Government Programme’s entry, according to which basic funding for higher education institutions will be provided, particularly at the early stages. The budget for 2024 does not specifically propose an increase in the basic funding of universities. The Union is confident that this will be corrected in future budgets.