Salary survey of the Finnish Union of University Professors for 2023

The Finnish Union of University Professors has conducted its annual salary survey concerning professors’ salaries.

The number of full-time (full) professors increased slightly over the year and totalled 1,997 in 2023. According to the employer survey, a professor’s full monthly salary in September 2023 was 7,781 euro on a permanent contract (full) and 7,322 euro on a fixed-term contract.

In September 2023, there were 565 associate professors and 323 assistant professors (altogether 888 persons) on the tenure track for professors. The majority of them were in full-time employment relationships. In September 2023, associate professors’ full salary was 6,295 euro and assistant professors’ 5,310 euro.

Concern is raised by the fact that, since 2014, the salary development of professors has lagged behind compared to the entire teaching and research personnel.